Our Shepherd Program, consisting of a coordinator and 12 shepherds, functions to assist the pastor in providing vital congregational care. Our lay shepherds are called to love and care for members of the congregation, especially those Christians who are less experienced in the faith or more spiritually “hungry” (“feed my sheep”- John 21:15-17). 


The role and responsibilities of the lay shepherd include:

Communication: connecting brothers and sisters in our church family, sharing joys (birthdays, anniversaries…) and prayer requests (illnesses, deaths…), and providing current news and information about the life of the congregation.

Caregiving: contacting (through phone calls, cards, and visits) the elderly and shut-ins, giving individualized attention and quality time to members of the flock, and showing love in practical ways by tending to immediate spiritual, emotional, and social needs.

Discipleship Nurture: mentoring in the beliefs and practices of the church, providing scriptural food and living water of the Holy Spirit, and leading by example to walk in the path of righteousness.

Spiritual Healing: helping to restore right relationship with God and broken relationships with others by listening, encouraging and affirming God’s grace through personal testimony of overcoming difficulties, and praying for (intercession) as well as praying with the spiritually afflicted.


If you would like to participate in the Shepherd Program, please contact our Shepherd Program Coordinator, Sandra Peck, at 304-751-6287 or