Ebenezer Community Outreach Center

Beverly Hills UMC actively supports Ebenezer Community Outreach Center, our local United Methodist mission project that is located at 1660 8th Avenue. The busy community center offers a Pre-School program licensed for 60 children (aged 2-5 years) and hosts After-School and Summer-School Programs for children and youth, including a 4-H Mentoring Program and Girl Scouts. Our church serves our community by gathering donations for the Family Enrichment Center, which provides much-needed items for low-income families, such as Baby Bassinette (for mothers with newborns), Clothing Closet, School Supplies, and Christmas Angels.


Please see the Donations Wish List below for ideas on how you can help. For information about volunteer opportunities, contact Celes Sheffield at 304-523-2882 or ebencomout@gmail.com


Ebenezer Community Outreach Donations Wish List:

While monetary donations are always welcome, the following gifts are much appreciated:

  • Baby Bassinet: diapers and pull-ups (all sizes), baby wipes, lotion, shampoo, receiving blankets, clothing, diaper bags, bottles, plastic bathtubs, car seats, swings, etc.
  • Educational Toys (ages 2-12): Leap Frog, beginner readers, computer games, trivia games.
  • Toys (ages 2-12): blocks, trucks/cars, action figures, dolls and doll clothes, strollers, shopping carts, animals, board games (ages 2-12).
  • Classroom supplies (ages 2-12): Musical instruments, alphabet/number stampers, play dough, flash cards, magnetic boards with numbers and letters, plastic containers with lids (small & medium size), child size beanbag chairs for reading center.
  • School Supplies: backpacks, notebooks, pencils, glue, binders, folders, crayons, colored pencils, markers, etc.
  • Outside Playground Equipment: hopscotch chalk, jump ropes, sand and sand toys, basketball hoop, kick balls, horseshoe set, corn hole, badminton set, and any other outdoor games.
  • Personal Hygiene: hand sanitizer, wipes, lice shampoo and combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.
  • Office Supplies: copier paper (any color), envelopes, stamps, batteries (all sizes), tape (masking, scotch, and electrical), dry erase markers, etc,
  • Paper Products: toilet paper, paper towels, wipes, tissues, paper plates and cups, etc.
  • Cleaning Materials: bleach, Lysol, empty spray bottles, cleaning rags, laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, etc.